From the NHS: 

All those with responsibility for using data to improve the quality of decision making across their organisation or system including: 

  • ICS/ICB board members 
  • Trust CEOs, COOs and CDIOs 
  • Business Intelligence, Strategy and Transformation leads 
  • Population health leads 
  • CCIOs and senior clinical informatics leads 

Over 70% of places have already been reserved – you can view a list of registered job titles and organisations here 

From the private sector: 

NHS delegates are looking for solutions and advice from providers of any of the following services:  

  • Data collection 
  • Data management and storage 
  • EPR/shared care records 
  • AI/predictive analytics 
  • Data visualisation 
  • Cyber security or data protection 

If you have a solution that can assist the NHS in harnessing the power of the data they hold, reach out today to: