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HCI Group | HSJ WEBINAR: A data strategy to enable clinical and operational transformation through data science and automation and ensure ROI from your patient record system 

Tuesday 12 September | 10:30 – 11:15 AM

Integrated data is a vital component of the future NHS data architecture, offering the potential of more efficient operational processes and improved patient care.

However, from even before vendor selection to after implementation and through attempted transformation efforts there are opportunities to influence decision making to deliver stronger ROI.  

Developing a data strategy is a key fundamental step to establish and communicate principles which can influence:

  • selections of clinical systems and an EPR implementation approach including programme scope of process alignment and module purchases
  • migration and archiving approaches and legacy decommissioning success 
  • the move from HIMMS AMAM level 1 or 2 to 7 
  • cross-Trust and ICS collaboration opportunities to create regional cost efficiencies
  • the focus and methodology of operational transformation opportunities 
  • the successful enablement of Digital and Clinical strategies. 

But for many organisations, who do not yet have a data strategy or have moved forward without one, progress on these objectives is not joined-up and as a result suboptimal or elusive. 

In this webinar we’ll be exploring how a data strategy is essential to ensuring the full benefits realisation of Trust moves towards more integrated systems or an EPR or ICS moves towards population health. Or indeed, in the current budget constrained climate, how it can support operational and clinical improvement at Trust level or across ICS.  

We’ll also ask how a data strategy differs to the digital strategy – and how the two should complement one another. 

Bringing together a panel of senior leaders who are delivering change with data pre- and post EPR, we’ll be asking them to share their experience and lessons learned, including: 

  • Overcoming challenges to get internal buy-in for commissioning a data strategy 
  • How has data strategy input helped direct operating model, architecture, greater insight and automation initiatives?
  • How might a data strategy change the decisions around EPR selection and implementation
  • Differentiating ICS and Trust data strategies 

Speakers include: 

  • Matt Hennessey, Chief Intelligence and Analytics Officer, 
    NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care 
  • Alex McCallum, Chief Data Officer, HCI Group
  • Louise Dark, Managing Director - King George Hospital, Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals Trust



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